A Unique programme

Founded in 1995, Schola Nova is a private, non-subsidized school, situated in the heart of Walloon Brabant (Brabant Wallon) in Belgium. 
The school provides primary and secondary education for children aged 7 to 18. 
The programme that has made the school successful and lent it its reputation since the beginning is that of Greco-Latin classical humanities. This privileged means of access to Western culture has stood the test of time over centuries. Why deprive new generations of this humanist education that brings hope to the world? 

The school’s aim is to produce competent young people, capable of expressing themselves in several languages and of reasoning both with the heart and with the mind, having a window on the world and on other cultures thanks to their profound knowledge of their roots and of the Ancients. 

Schola Nova’s success is based on a passionate and highly qualified teaching staff and on parents who are actively engaged in the life of the school.


Concours annuel de plaidoiries !

jeudi 28 mars - 9h - Aula Minor

Comme chaque année, les élèves du grex 3 vont endosser une toge d'avocat pour nous convaincre d'un casus historique. Cette année, ils plaideront au sujet d'un rassemblement important qui eut lieu à Constantinople en 1214, dont le but visait à réunir les Eglises orthodoxe et catholique. Bonne chance aux candidats !

Otium sine litteris mors est et vivi hominis sepultura
Leisure without literature is death and burial for a living man

Seneca, philosopher
I st century after J.-C.