A Private School

Schola Nova is an international private school, and therefore independent of the State, in accordance with Article 24 of the Belgian Constitution, which guarantees freedom of education. The legal status of private schools is the same as that of home education.


Schola Nova was founded in September 1995. It has a family-type structure. Unnecessary administrative procedures are avoided in its running, to give greater emphasis to human relations. There is constant contact between the head teacher, the teaching staff and parents.

The educational project

Each teacher takes responsibility for his or her own educational approach. The school is neither Catholic nor anti-Catholic. Pupils receive a course on the history of religions within the framework of a spoken Latin programme; matters of faith and of religious practice are left to the parents.

The teacher should be respected and appreciated. This is a principle of the utmost importance aspect for us and parents can greatly contribute to it, both by encouraging classical studies and by encouraging their children to respect their teachers.

The programme : Greco-Latin Humanities

The Greco-Latin culture represents the cradle of civilization. Schola Nova encourages the study of this living European heritage that must be safeguarded and passed on.

Such studies enlighten us as human beings, and help us to understand the context in which we live and to respect different civilizations: to explore our roots in more depth so as to better understand and respect others.

The school also guarantees a high level of education in mathematics and sciences. We believe that the education provided is comprehensive and well-balanced, nurturing skills of critical reasoning, analysis and synthesis.
The education they receive allows pupils to accede to the university courses of their choice.

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Schola Nova does not offer any recognized secondary education diploma, as it is a non-subsidized private school. Pupils must therefore take an exam that permits them to obtain a diploma for access to higher education.

Here are two possibilities:

  • award by the jury d’État of the Certificate of Higher Secondary Education (Certificat d’Enseignement Secondaire Supérieur, C.E.S.S.), the tests for which take place over a period of between six months and one year;
  • or the university admissions exam, which is organized by the universities in June and September.

All the topics in these exams will have been covered after five years’ education at Schola Nova.
Up to now, all pupils completing their studies at Schola Nova have passed one exam or the other, and have begun their higher education at the customary age, or even earlier.

Taking these tests and being required to appear before an external jury, moreover, constitutes an excellent preparation for higher education. Moreover, Schola Nova awards a certificate at the end of the 5th year to those pupils who pass the school exams.

Modern languages

Language immersion is practiced from the outset. 
At secondary level, all pupils take courses in Dutch and English taught by native speakers. Moreover, geography and history of art are taught in Dutch, and there is one biology class in English. 
Schola Nova also offers, outside of school hours, other language courses open to all.

Artistic activities

The school organizes numerous artistic activities outside of school hours. Music, drama, plastic arts courses, etc. All group activities are covered by the school fees. Some courses are also open to people from outside the school.

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Each year, Schola Nova organizes a series of classical music concerts in the school hall. 
These concerts, attended by a growing number of music-lovers, help pupils learn to appreciate the live music experience. On such occasions, the pupils meet the artists and discover new music and new instruments. 

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